Duke Projects

Mapping Literary Visions

Mapping Literary Visions enables readers to navigate literary space—the “where” of literary texts–through interactive maps while gaining insight into the cultural context of the texts depicted.

Memory Tower

The Memory Tower is a full-immersion virtual reality environment exploring the neural mechanisms behind the stabilization and reorganization of memory traces during sleep (termed memory...

NC Jukebox

This project is focused on transforming an inaccessible audio archive of historic North Carolina folk music into a vital, publicly accessible digital archive.

Network Ecologies

The Network Ecologies digital Scalar publication is the culmination of a five-year, multi-format, interdisciplinary venture to curate a dynamic scholarly digital...

One Person, One Vote Pilot Project

One Person, One Vote: The Legacy of SNCC and the Fight for Voting Rights, is the first initiative in a longer-term collaboration of the SNCC Legacy Project, Duke’s Center for Documentary...

Project Vox

Project Vox is a digital archive of resources associated with early modern women philosophers who have been unjustly ignored in the narratives of the field. The archive's purpose is to aid and...

Sonic Dictionary

The Sonic Dictionary is a growing collection of recordings created by students at Duke University and collaborating institutions.


s_traits is a new album of generative electronic music written by composer John Supko and media artist Bill Seaman on the...

Tasveer Ghar: A Digital Network of South Asian Popular Visual Culture

Tasveer Ghar is a trans-national virtual “home” for collecting, digitizing, and documenting various materials produced by South Asia’s exciting popular visual sphere including posters, calendar...

The Lives of Things

This team of Duke faculty, staff, and students collaborate to create new interactive displays and hybrid digital/physical exhibition platforms that reconstruct the location, color, and meaning of...

The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database

This is a geo-referenced database of historic images (15th-early 20th centuries) of the medieval monuments and cities of the historic Kingdom of Sicily, in south Italy.

The Pauli Murray Project Durham Civil and Human Rights Map

Started in 2009, the map grows each year when students in Barbara Lau's Duke University course research, write, select photographs and narrate new markers.

Visualizing Venice

Visualizing Venice is a Digital Humanities initiative that consists of students, scholars and architects at all levels of their careers who are actively involved in research projects to generate...