Brian Norberg

IT Analyst
Trinity Technology Services
How I can help: 
Consultation, project development, technical support
Who I can help: 
Faculty, students, and researchers in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences.

Projects Worked On

Cinema Numerique Ambulant, Social Media, and Identity Politics
2016 - 2017

This project documents the role of the West African mobile cinema unit, CNA, in the dissemination of more positive and culturally aware depictions of African using social media and web mapping.

Mapping Literary Visions
2015 - present

Mapping Literary Visions enables readers to navigate literary space—the “where” of literary texts–through interactive maps while gaining insight into the cultural context of the texts depicted.

Carceral Studies Network
2016 - present

The Carceral Studies Network hosts resources for those seeking to teach or learn about prisons, policing, and the carceral state.