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 Fort Ross Virtual Warehouse
Fort Ross Virtual Warehouse

Fort Ross Virtual Warehouse project is a cultural communication initiative which seeks to transfer to park visitors and young students the significance of Fort Ross heritage in relation to North...

 Regium@Lepidi 2200
Regium@Lepidi 2200

The Regium@Lepidi Project 2200 started in 2013 thanks to a collaboration between Duke University and Lions Club Reggio Emilia Host Città del Tricolore.

Scholar, Preacher, and Activist Rev. Dr. Eboni Marshall Turman preaching at Duke Chapel on Feb (12th) 2017
#MyVoiceMyBody: Minoritized Bodies in the Pulpit at Duke Chapel

Ordination of women continues to remain a controversial issue in numerous Christian denominations.

3D Catalhoyuk
3D Catalhoyuk

Combining archaeological fieldwork with three-dimensional technology, 3D Catalhoyuk provides a reconstruction of all phases of the Catalhoyuk, Turkey excavations, along with 3D data recordings of...

3D Duke Chapel
3D Duke Chapel

The 3D Duke Chapel project was designed to intersect with pedagogical, preservational and technological goals at the Wired! Lab.

A Portrait of Venice
A Portrait of Venice

This innovative exhibition opens at Duke’s Nasher Museum of Art in September 2017.

activating history at duke report cover
Activating History for Justice at Duke

Activating History for Justice at Duke is a digital report analyzing current memory sites on Duke's campus, and making recommendations for additional sites to showcase a more inclusive and diverse...

Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his "I Have a Dream" speech on the National Mall in 1963
America's Sacred Spaces

The United States possesses singular places where citizens and others can visit to absorb elements of the nation’s depth of pain, triumph, awe, reverence, disappointments and dreams.


Anthroposcene seeks to develop a visual record so scholars can analyze how a certain group of people are seeing and interpreting climate change and the concept of the...

Digital Humanities logo
Appalachian Stories: Young Voices from Madison County, North Carolina

During Summer 2018, PAGE (Partnership for Appalachian Girls' Education) girls created multimedia installations that honored the "past, present, and future" of two historic schools in Madison...

Artificial Intelligence 2018 San Francisco by O’Reilly Conferences
Artificial Intelligence Bias in an Age of a Technical Elite

The recent expanded use of machine learning techniques in real-world applications has been driven by data availability and processing power.

A photo of two hands cradling a bird
Beyond Despair: Narrating the Environment through the Humanities

As part of its larger public engagement initiative, the National Humanities Center (NHC) proposes the creation of an eight-episode podcast series that focuses on critical environmental issues and...

watercolor map of Alcoutim
Book of Fortresses

The aim of this project is to spatially reconstruct an exceptional architectural source from early modern Portugal called the Livro das Fortalezas (Book of Fortresses).

men on truck at the US/Mexico border
Border Odyssey

Border Odyssey is an exploration of the U.S./Mexico border and the challenges it presents for the people of both nations.

Carceral Studies Network
Carceral Studies Network

The Carceral Studies Network hosts resources for those seeking to teach or learn about prisons, policing, and the carceral state.