Digital Humanities Initiative Director: Victoria Szabo 
Executive Committee: David Bell, Christina Chia, Ranjana Khanna, Philip J. Stern

Digital Humanities Specialist: Amanda Gould
DH Support:
Location: Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, C104 (also home of the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge)

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For help getting started or working on a digital project, contact one of the support units below:

Data and Visualization Services workshop

Data and Visualization Services

How we help: Data and Visualization Services provides consulting services and instruction that support data-driven research. Our team of consultants and interns offers support in data sources, data management, data visualization, geographic information systems, financial data, and statistical software.
Who we help: Duke University Faculty, staff and students
Types of Support: consultation, project development, project management, technical support
Digital Scholarship Services

Digital Scholarship Services

How we help: Duke Libraries Digital Scholarship Services supplies consultation on tools, project management, and best practices for a wide range of digital research. We also encourage learning and experimentation in digital scholarship through exploratory projects, hands-on instruction, graduate student internships, and resources and programming in The Edge / Murthy Digital Studio.
Who we help: Researchers in the humanities and interpretive social sciences at any level of study
Types of Support: consultation, classroom support, project development, project management, technical support
Trinity Technology Services at Brightleaf Square

Trinity Technology Services

How we help: Trinity Technology Services now has dedicated staff for consulting and technical support for every step of the digital research process, from collecting and analyzing digital resources to publishing your research online. If you are looking to try out a new digital tool in your research and teaching, TTS also offers a pilot program.
Who we help: Trinity College of Arts and Science faculty and students
Types of Support: consultation, project development, technical support