Exploring 360 Degree Video at Duke: A New Frontier for Research and Teaching

Monday, August 1, 2016 - 3:00pm

Chip Bobbert (OIT), David Perlman (DDI Intern)

What if you could view a video as though you were in the middle of it instead of looking straight ahead at one view? Would that full perspective (up, down, behind you, to both sides) enable you to identify important elements or connections you might otherwise miss? Even if you are part of the activity being recorded, you can only look at one perspective at a time, and might easily miss an important cue that isn't in your current field of view. 360 video allows you to see all around you and can be replayed as many times as needed to understand and absorb what might otherwise be missed.Agenda:** 3:00-4:00: What is 360 degree video, and what do you need to know to create and use it? Discuss with us how 360 video can be used at Duke in research and in teaching and learning.** 4:00-4:30: Technical Q&A session360 video can be viewed on a computer or mobile device or it can be viewed using a virtual reality device such as Google Cardboard or the Oculus Rift.The Duke Digital Initiative (a collaboration between OIT and CIT) is exploring 360 video and invites you to hear what we've discovered so far and to share your ideas for how 360 video might benefit your research and/or teaching.Register online at: training.oit.duke.edu/reg

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