VFF: Medieval Monks and Digital Cities

Friday, April 14, 2017 - 12:00pm

Timothy J. Senior · University of Bristol

Cross the medieval city threshold at the Herdentor, and, pinching your nose against the smell of the piggeries, enter the narrow Sögestrasse. To your left stands the church of St Catherine, her enormous brick frame towering over the urban landscape. Entering the church, a vaulted canopy appears suspended high above you, a vast space penetrated by thick shafts of light. In 2017, your journey has led you into Wormland, Sögestrasse No 47. In a dark, squat room surrounded by fashionable men's underwear, it is, perhaps, hard to imagine how the convent of St Catherine has come to shape the city of Bremen, today. In this talk, Dr. Timothy J. Senior will present long-standing digital humanities project on the medieval Dominican monastery of St Catherine in Bremen (Germany). The project has gone on to uncover this important, but as yet un-researched, site, tracing its impact on the cultural and urban fabric of the city to the present day. Senior will discuss some of the visualization challenges the project has presented and how the use of new tools, techniques and methods from digital and spatial research will bring the project alive.


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