Projects Behind the Scenes

3D Catalhoyuk

2009 - 2013
Combining archaeological fieldwork with three-dimensional technology, 3D Catalhoyuk provides a reconstruction of all phases of the Catalhoyuk, Turkey excavations, along with 3D data recordings of the most important artifacts.
Techniques used: laser scanning, photogrammetry
Tools used: ArcGIS Desktop, QGIS, Agisoft Photoscan

3D Duke Chapel

2016 - 2016
The 3D Duke Chapel project was designed to intersect with pedagogical, preservational and technological goals at the Wired! Lab.
Techniques used: photogrammetry
Tools used: Agisoft Photoscan

Carceral Studies Network

2016 - present
The Carceral Studies Network hosts resources for those seeking to teach or learn about prisons, policing, and the carceral state.
Techniques used: Qualtrics for crowdsourced syllabus, assignment, and resource collection.
Tools used: Drupal

Carolingian Networks

2014 - present
Carolingian Networks takes a dynamic view of the late 8th and early 9th Century by exploring the relationship among intellectuals (authors, teachers, students) and their written works.
Techniques used: data collection and cleanup (Microsoft Excel), visualization
Tools used: Tableau, Gephi

Digital Athens

2014 - present
Digital Athens is a collaborative multi-disciplinary project that brings together a team of Duke students and international colleagues in Greece to produce a database, open-source wiki, and interactive digital maps of the archaeological remains of ancient Athens. 
Techniques used: geographic information systems
Tools used: ArcGIS Desktop, QGIS, ArcGIS Online, MapBox

Network Ecologies

2013 - 2017
The Network Ecologies digital Scalar publication is the culmination of a five-year, multi-format, interdisciplinary venture to curate a dynamic scholarly digital publication that combines the viability and esteem of a traditional scholarly print publication with the affordances of the digitally-networked medium.  
Techniques used: Digital publication, annotation, networked data
Tools used: Scalar

Project Vox

2014 - present
Project Vox is a digital archive of resources associated with early modern women philosophers who have been unjustly ignored in the narratives of the field. The archive's purpose is to aid and encourage lessons on these women philosophers being added into Philosophy courses in all levels of education.
Techniques used: user stories (for website development), digitization
Tools used: Wordpress, TimelineJS


2011 - present
s_traits is a new album of generative electronic music written by composer John Supko and media artist Bill Seaman on the Manchester, UK label Cotton Goods. s_traits is the product of three minds: two human, one artificial.
Techniques used: Remix, Generative electronic music-making
Tools used: