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Our collaborative work uses biometric and environmental sensing technologies to expand our access to sensory experience beyond the five senses. Our work is informed by the premise that digital technologies have opened new vistas for accessing and conceptualizing our robust embodied contact with the sensory environments in which we live.

Our projects aim to explore this enhanced contact and to make the sensory experience it involves more intense. As we see it, digital technologies allow us to access our complex and robust embodiment and our coupling to the environment in ways that evade introspection, perception through the five senses, and other subject-centered modes of experience; assisted by the array of biometric sensing devices that can report on the states of such bodily functions as heartrate, galvanic skin response, eye movement, and brain wave activity, we can gain indirect, technically-mediated insight into the bodily states that – following arguments from philosophers like Spinoza, Whitehead, and Deleuze as well as neuroscientists like Damasio and Edelman – inform our bodily activity within larger sensory environments as well as the higher-order conscious representations that emerge on the basis of that activity.


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