Sometimes the best way to get started with DH is to look at what others are doing or have done. The DH world is full of great projects and so is Duke University. Below are selected digital projects at Duke. To see how digital projects in the Humanities happen, check out the projects in the 'Behind the Scenes' section of the page.

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Behind the Scenes: Duke DH Projects

2009 - 2013
Combining archaeological fieldwork with three-dimensional technology, 3D Catalhoyuk provides a reconstruction of all phases of the Catalhoyuk, Turkey excavations, along with 3D data recordings of the most important artifacts.
Techniques used: laser scanning, photogrammetry
2016 - 2016
The 3D Duke Chapel project was designed to intersect with pedagogical, preservational and technological goals at the Wired! Lab.
Techniques used: photogrammetry
Tools used: Agisoft Photoscan
2016 - present
The Carceral Studies Network hosts resources for those seeking to teach or learn about prisons, policing, and the carceral state.
Techniques used: Qualtrics for crowdsourced syllabus, assignment, and resource collection.
Tools used: Drupal
2014 - present
Carolingian Networks takes a dynamic view of the late 8th and early 9th Century by exploring the relationship among intellectuals (authors, teachers, students) and their written works.
Techniques used: data collection and cleanup (Microsoft Excel), visualization
Tools used: Tableau, Gephi
2014 - present
Digital Athens is a collaborative multi-disciplinary project that brings together a team of Duke students and international colleagues in Greece to produce a database, open-source wiki, and interactive digital maps of the archaeological remains of ancient Athens. 
Techniques used: geographic information systems
2013 - 2017
The Network Ecologies digital Scalar publication is the culmination of a five-year, multi-format, interdisciplinary venture to curate a dynamic scholarly digital publication that combines the viability and esteem of a traditional scholarly print publication with the affordances of the digitally-networked medium.  
Techniques used: Digital publication, annotation, networked data
Tools used: Scalar
2014 - present
Project Vox is a digital archive of resources associated with early modern women philosophers who have been unjustly ignored in the narratives of the field. The archive's purpose is to aid and encourage lessons on these women philosophers being added into Philosophy courses in all levels of education.
Techniques used: user stories (for website development), digitization
Tools used: Wordpress, TimelineJS
2011 - present
s_traits is a new album of generative electronic music written by composer John Supko and media artist Bill Seaman on the Manchester, UK label Cotton Goods. s_traits is the product of three minds: two human, one artificial.
Techniques used: Remix, Generative electronic music-making
Tools used:

More Duke DH Projects

Fort Ross Virtual Warehouse
Fort Ross Virtual Warehouse project is a cultural communication initiative which seeks to transfer to park visitors and young students the significance of Fort Ross heritage in relation to North Pacific exploration and Cal
Regium@Lepidi 2200
The Regium@Lepidi Project 2200 started in 2013 thanks to a collaboration between Duke University and Lions Club Reggio Emilia Host Città del Tricolore.
A Portrait of Venice
This innovative exhibition opens at Duke’s Nasher Museum of Art in September 2017.
Anthroposcene seeks to develop a visual record so scholars can analyze how a certain group of people are seeing and interpreting climate change and the concept of the
Cinema Numerique Ambulant, Social Media, and Identity Politics
This project documents the role of the West African mobile cinema unit, CNA, in the dissemination of more positive and culturally aware depictions of African using social media and web mapping.
Digital Dickens Notes Project
The DDNP is digitizing and exploring Charles Dickens’s working notes for his novels.
Digital Militarism
This project examines how digital tools are being used, changing lives and transforming cultures, as seen through Israeli occupation in the social media age.
Ecosystem Data Visualization
Devri Adams (Environmental Science), Annie Lott (Statistics), and Camila Vargas Restrepo (Visual Media Studies, Psychology) spent ten weeks creating interactive and exploratory visualizations of ecological data.
The Ghett/App mobile application was developed by Paolo Borin, Ludovica Galeazzo and Victoria Szabo of the Visualizing Venice team.
Manifest Data
Manifest Data inverts the neo-Marxian stance that the digital universe literally melts all that is solid into air by translating personal web browsing data into a 3D printed sculpture. 
Mapping Literary Visions
Mapping Literary Visions enables readers to navigate literary space—the “where” of literary texts–through interactive maps while gaining insight into the cultural context of the texts depicted.
Memory Tower
The Memory Tower is a full-immersion virtual reality environment exploring the neural mechanisms behind the stabilization and reorganization of memory traces during sleep (termed memory consolidation).
NC Jukebox
This project is focused on transforming an inaccessible audio archive of historic North Carolina folk music into a vital, publicly accessible digital archive.
One Person, One Vote Pilot Project
One Person, One Vote: The Legacy of SNCC and the Fight for Voting Rights, is the first initiative in a longer-term collaboration of the SNCC Legacy Project, Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies, and the Duke Libr
Sonic Dictionary
The Sonic Dictionary is a growing collection of recordings created by students at Duke University and collaborating institutions.
Tasveer Ghar: A Digital Network of South Asian Popular Visual Culture
Tasveer Ghar is a trans-national virtual “home” for collecting, digitizing, and documenting various materials produced by South Asia’s exciting popular visual sphere including posters, calendar art, pilgrimage maps and par
The Lives of Things
This team of Duke faculty, staff, and students collaborate to create new interactive displays and hybrid digital/physical exhibition platforms that reconstruct the location, color, and meaning of works of art in the...
The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database
This is a geo-referenced database of historic images (15th-early 20th centuries) of the medieval monuments and cities of the historic Kingdom of Sicily, in south Italy.
The Pauli Murray Project Durham Civil and Human Rights Map
Started in 2009, the map grows each year when students in Barbara Lau's Duke University course research, write, select photographs and narrate new markers.
Visualizing Venice
Visualizing Venice is a Digital Humanities initiative that consists of students, scholars and architects at all levels of their careers who are actively involved in research projects to generate digital models and maps of...