Data and Visualization Services provides consulting services and instruction that support data-driven research. Our team of consultants and interns offers support in data sources, data management, data visualization, geographic information systems, financial data, and statistical software. Our lab includes 12 workstations with the latest data software and three Bloomberg Professional workstations… read more » about Brandaleone Lab for Data and Visualization Services

The name Dig@Lab recalls the main goal of this research lab, which is “digging for information”, looking for new interpretations at the intersection of archeology, cybernetics, heritage, computer science, neuroscience, cognitive science, art and history. More specifically, we are interested in investigating how the information is shaped, elaborated, stored and then culturally… read more » about Dig@Lab

Duke’s Digital Art History & Visual Culture Research Lab, located in the Wired! Lab, is a dynamic research community of faculty, staff, and students. We engage and advance critical digital methods to promote new approaches to scholarship and pedagogy in the study and interpretation of the visual arts, architecture, cultural heritage, and urban environments. The Digital Art History &… read more » about Digital Art History & Visual Culture Research Lab (Wired! Lab)

Since 2014, the Emergence Lab has been a site of interdisciplinary teaching, research, and collaborative creative work at the undergraduate, graduate, and faculty levels. Through its cross-listed seminars, exhibits, and publications the Emergence Lab facilitates new ways of making and thinking about art in multiple media. It aims to include as many Duke students and faculty as possible in these… read more » about Emergence Lab

Over the first few years of the Co-Lab, we've provided great resources and support for software projects, but we've left the hardware projects behind. We've never really had a home base for the tools, equipment, and support needed for this kind of project work - until now. Welcome to the Innovation Studio. The Innovation Co-Lab is a creativity incubator, focused on exploring how new and… read more » about Innovation Studio

The Information Science + Information Studies (ISIS) Lab supports information technology exploration for ISIS students, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, and the Media Arts + Sciences community. We have 4 Mac workstations, some with specialized software found only in our lab, a PC workstation, and 3 3D printers, as well as a variety of AV resources and devices. Access is by swipe card,… read more » about ISS Fab Lab

The Murthy Digital Studio provides low-barrier and immediate access to tools for organizing and analyzing qualitative research, and encourages peer-to-peer learning of new tools and approaches. The studio is located on the first floor of Bostock Library in The/EDGE and is open during Perkins & Bostock operating hours. The Murthy Digital Studio primarily supports projects involving… read more » about Murthy Digital Studio

Our collaborative work uses biometric and environmental sensing technologies to expand our access to sensory experience beyond the five senses. Our work is informed by the premise that digital technologies have opened new vistas for accessing and conceptualizing our robust embodied contact with the sensory environments in which we live. Our projects aim to explore this enhanced contact and to… read more » about S-1 Speculative Sensation Lab

Surrounded by team rooms devoted to research and projects, a welcoming, large space known as 'The Connection' features informal areas to cross paths on the way to coffee and refreshments, and extensive whiteboards and writable glass to facilitate instant exchange of ideas. Seminars, classes and teams operating in the space are able to draw on an extensive social science data… read more » about SSRI Connection